The new 8MM line-up

With a new injection molded midsole that adds midfoot cushion, the foot strikes in a more stable & balanced position, primed for a propulsive next stride.


With a durable IBR+ outsole that provides 15% greater cushion than standard blown rubber, a PowerGrid foam midsole that’s more resilient than traditional EVA, the Triumph 9 is the culmination of months R&D.  Designed with a 8mm heel-to-toe offset that maximizes muscle power by allowing for a more efficient stride.

"Our wear-testing results show that runners accustomed to a 12mm offset can seamlessly switch to 8mm and enjoy the benefits without any transition time."
"Another benefit is that a lower offset makes it easier for the runner to land with a midfoot strike rather than a heel strike. A midfoot strike lowers the impact loading on the body. These shoes will not force you to change your stride, but if you decide you'd like to try a new stride, it will be much easier to learn."
"Runners tell us that the lower offset feels more balanced, comfortable and powerful without any sacrifice in cushioning, stability or support."

The Guide lost a little weight. 1.4 oz, to be exact.  That´s thanks to a few new tricks, like a lighter, more durable IBR+ outsole and our new full-length ProGrid LITE midsole technology.  But despite dropping weight and the heel-to-toe ratio, we didn´t lose any support.  And, we actually added midfoot cushion. It all adds up to a smoother stride and a better run.


The Sauc-Fit system in the upper locks in your arch and heel for comfort and consistency throughout your run. The Hurricane also boasts a resilient IBR+ outsole, full-length PowerGrid midsole and softer collar and tongue linings. But it all comes back to the 8mm heel-to-toe offset – creating a more stable, midfoot stride that puts every runner in a more balanced, comfortable position.